What's biting me??

Asked May 25, 2016, 12:08 PM EDT

I live in Roseville and every year we have a problem with some sort of bug whose bite leaves extremely itchy red welts. These are some sort of "no-see-ums", in that you are unaware that you've been bitten by anything until about 24-48 hours after exposure. At that point red welts (see attached pictures) appear on the skin and are like 10 times itchier than mosquito bites. Nothing I've tried can sooth the itch and they last for about two weeks. They're driving us nuts and making it impossible to enjoy our patio. What do you think they are and most importantly how can we get rid of them? The attached pictures show a couple of the welts of about 15 that have appeared on my hands and arms after sitting on the patio for a while last Sunday. They appeared Monday night. Thanks for any help!

Ramsey County Minnesota

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We are sorry we can't identify the pest based on photos of a reaction to its bite. We understand it might not be possible to get one, but we'd need a sharp photo of the biter to determine what it is.

Well, as I said, they're "no-see-ums", so that's impossible. You can't forward to an entomologist?


Different people react to insect bites differently, so I'm afraid an entomologist couldn't help here.

It looks very uncomfortable!

OK then, if it can't be identified I guess it's time for a broad spectrum insecticide.

You could also try bug spray that contains DEET. There is a brand that has a clip-on variety that many gardeners use.