Selective Herbicide for Coarse Grass in Bluegrass Lawn

Asked May 25, 2016, 8:44 AM EDT

Staff at Echter's suggest it is either Quackgrass or Johnsongrass in my bluegrass lawn. Is there a selective herbicide to eradicate it? I have read online about Fusilade II for Quackgrass. While it is not approved for use in home lawns, it will not harm bluegrass. Do you have any experience with this product? Else, Echter's says only treatment course is non-selective herbicide, like Round-Up, to kill everything, then re-seed/sod.

Adams County Colorado lawns and turf

1 Response

Thanks for your question. The following fact sheet, Control of Annual Grassy Weeds in Lawns should help address your questions. It is currently too late to use a pre-emergent herbicide but the fact sheet outlines some post-emergent herbicide options. Otherwise, yes, your information was correct that Round-Up and re-seeding the area is the best way to guarantee elimination of the weedy grass. Please let me know if you have any other questions.