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Asked May 24, 2016, 10:45 PM EDT

Hi, we were allowing a bird family sanctuary in our bathroom vent (the cover had fallen off this winter). Apparently that was a horrible idea. When the birds left we began noticing small brown "dirt" that we thought to be pieces of the nest falling through the vent and onto the toilet seat. After a day or two, we noticed them moving and began finding them on our clothing. I did a quick web search to find out what they would be, and realized they were bird mites. We've been being bitten by them for a few days, and the only info we've found is not good. We read and my goodness, that was a mistake. I feel like every symptom he had, I have. It's crazy. We had the nest "mostly removed" by a professional. He also sprayed down that bathroom and the vent. But, this morning, they were back in the bathroom on the toilet seat walking around, and some hanging on the ceiling by the vent. We have two young children, and we've all been snack food for these things. Can it really be as bad as that site says? For further info.. the second day we cleaned with lysol, we noticed some dead, but also some nearly white ones as well. Could only see the white ones on a mirror or dark blue surface. We really need some advice on what to do so that we can finally sleep easier. Thank you!

Lebanon County Pennsylvania

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I am sorry to hear about your problem with bird mites. These parasites can be very difficult to control, and they can continue to get worse over time. I would recommend that you contact the professional you hired and tell him that he did not get rid of the mites.

One suggestion is to vacuum the area of the vent, and the whole bathroom thoroughly, and then freeze the vacuum bag to kill the mites.

You can find a fact sheet on bird mites from the University of Minnesota [click here].

You might also want to check the web site [click here].

If you have additional questions contact the Lebanon County Penn State Master Gardeners’ Gardening hotline. For information on the hotline [click here.]

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