Dusty Miller Plant

Asked May 24, 2016, 7:15 PM EDT

Not sure my question was submitted, so I will repeat. Can one split roots of Dusty Miller plants for new plants? How Can I best take care of these? I have them west and east locations. The east side plant is in a planter.

Multnomah County Oregon

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The day before you plant to divide the plant, soak the ground around the plant, making sure the water gets all the way down to the roots. The next morning, dig the plant out at least two inches out from the plant's drip line. Lift the root ball out of the ground and gently work the roots and stems apart into separate plants. If the roots are thick and can't be gently teased apart, place the root ball on a firm surface and cut them with a sterilized knife, making sure you cut away from your body and hands. Keeping the root balls moist, dig the holes you will transplant them into and plant them, taking care to ensure you do not plant them deeper than they were in their prior spot. Water the new plantings well, and spread up to three inches of mulch around them, taking care to keep the mulch away from the plant stems.