weeping willow distress

Asked May 24, 2016, 1:20 PM EDT

My weeping willow is showing significant distress. One third to one half of the high branches are bare and brown, although not dead. Many leaves are brown mottled, completely brown and dry, or have died and fallen off. We did have a big aphid infestation last summer. No evidence now of either aphids or psyllids. I'm worried about some sort of blight. Shall I prune off the damaged branches? Wait to see what developes? I deep watered yesterday, down 2-3 feet. The wind is really blowing here, hard and dry -- normal for May/June here. I am in Coconino County in northern Arizona (6,500 feet, south of Flagstaff), and although I am an Arizona master gardener volunteer in Phoenix, I have limited experience with plants in northern Arizona nor with willows. Hope you will respond soon. Thank you so much.

Coconino County Arizona

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Dear Coconino County Resident,

Thank you for your question. Your question is outside of my specific area of expertise. I recommend that you contact one or more of the following Cooperative Extension or University of Arizona professionals. Each of them has expertise in either horticulture or forestry. Kent Apostol and Jeff Schalau are located in northern Arizona. The UA Boyce Thompson Southwest Arboretum folks, Lisa Galford and Ken Coppola, should have sufficient horticultural expertise to address your questions.

Here is their contact information:

Kent Apostol

Community Forestry

Work Phone: 928-472-5286

Email: kapostol@email.arizona.edu

Boyce Thompson Southwest Arboretum

Kenneth Coppola

Horticultural Specialist

Work Phone: 520-647-2460


Lisa Galford

Horticultural Specialist

Work Phone: 520-689-2723

Email: lgalford@email.arizona.edu

Jeff Schalau

Interim Regional Director

Area(s) of Focus: home and commercial horticulture, forestry, water resources, range management, and wildfire defensible space.

Work Phone: 928-445-6590 x224

Email: jschalau@cals.arizona.edu


Thank you Gregg. I will contact them right away.