Flea Control

Asked May 24, 2016, 10:58 AM EDT

Can you tell me what will control the fleas in this area? We've tried everything with no success.

McLennan County Texas

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below is good link with alot of information about flea control

If you have fleas outside and inside your first action should be to treat your pet. #2 treat inside the home. Several good, low-toxicity treatments are available for indoor use. Citrus oil-based sprays containing limonene or linalool can be applied to rugs, carpeting, and pet bedding. These products act as contact poisons, killing only what they hit. After application they evaporate quickly, leaving a pleasant citrus smell, but little residual protection against emerging fleas. Follow-up treatments are usually necessary when using these and other botanical sprays, like pyrethrins. Treat same time you treat the pet.