I have found red mites on my Black Hills Spruce trees (3)

Asked May 24, 2016, 10:49 AM EDT

How can I treat the trees to rid them of these tree suckers. I prefer to use green methods but in my research I haven't found any that I have confidence in. LCS is a local company I use to fertilize the trees and they found the mites and could spray--for over $175. Could you recommend what I should use or not use. Lady bugs are one solution I guess but they get to be real pests. Can you help me sort this out--is this even a serious problem? I have already invested a lot in these trees and they do afford me privacy and are quite handsome (about 13 feet high and growing nicely. Help! Very much appreciate your expertise. Thank you. Did receive a phone reply. It was helpful and the caller stated they could send me more information if she had my email address. My email address is nelcar@pro-ns.net. Appreciate your help and perspective

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Do you have any idea who called you? In this national Ask an Expert system, I have no idea who to send your email address to.