Blue Spruce Diagnosis

Asked May 24, 2016, 9:44 AM EDT

Hi there, We are trying to diagnose a problem with our blue spruce. We believe it could be needle cast. Can you determine a diagnosis and give a treatment option to help us get this tree healthy again? Thanks,

Howard County Maryland

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iI general, ble spruce are not really well suited for our area as they are native to climates further to the north. Blue spruce can be susceptible to Rhizosphaeria needle cast disease. The infection period is long - spring through midsummer. The needles are affected in the fall and needle drop occurs in the spring. Pruning out severely infected branches is the best control method on branches that show sparse growth. Spraying large trees with fungicides can be complicated - getting good coverage, timing, etc. and not recommended. For more information see the link on our website