Maple tree leaves. Need help!!

Asked May 24, 2016, 7:15 AM EDT

My maple tree has many leaves that are curling and dropping. I think it is a silver maple. The curled leaves almost look burnt around some edges. Some branches are very sparse this year. The tree has produced many seeds (helicopters) this year. I have been looking closely at the tree and leaves and have seen a few what appear to be aphids (tiny whitish bugs) and I saw one tiny orange bug. Last fall I thought we may have had tar spots on the leaves. So we bagged them all up in the fall to try and stop the spread. Please help!!! I want to stop the damage. I live in St. Francis MN. Please email me with any questions.

Anoka County Minnesota maple trees maple diseases

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Symptoms of anthracnose on maple leaves include brown lesions that spread along the larger veins, circular brown spots with tan centers, and irregular blotches that kill large sections of a leaf. In general, fungicides are not recommended for control of shade tree anthracnose. We often find a few insects on shade trees. Natural predators are usually able to control the aphid population. A strong stream of water from a hose may remove enough aphids to keep their numbers below damaging levels. The following sites have more information.