Black walnut tree

Asked May 23, 2016, 8:28 PM EDT

I have this blk. walnut tree in my backyard about 13 yards from the house.The bark has come off most of the upper tree limbs and trunk. It seems to be starting down to the base trunk. Do black walnut trees shed it bark like that? It is almost like is fall season but it's the green leaves that are falling off. It has a lot of broken limbs justs the tree dying, or need to be cut down?

Shawnee County Kansas

1 Response

Black walnuts don't shed bark though certain other trees do such as sycamore and silver maple. The tree is likely dying. This is likely due to the freeze in November of 2014. See for an explanation of how this happens and why it takes such a long time for symptoms to appear. The second article is the one that explains things.