varigated leafed clover

Asked May 23, 2016, 5:29 PM EDT

I have a patch of varigated clover in my grass that opens during the day and closes at dusk. I was wondering what would cause this ?

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Are you asking how the variegated clover got into your yard or what causes it to open and close up at night?

I,m sorry I wanted to know if it was a special kind of clover or it was an abnormality of the clover. I thought if I gave you some of the things that happened with it it would help you answer my question. Thank you

There are quite a few different varieties of clover. I suspect that while your clover looks different than the usual white clover that is common in lawns, it is not a notable, unusual type. There are perennial and annual types. They are used for pastures, cover crops and food plots. Here is a link to a supply list for you to look at if you like.