Apricot drop

Asked May 23, 2016, 4:58 PM EDT

All my Apricot trees dropped their fruit when I watered them. Wondering what the problem is, do they not like water. I asked this question last year (#265344) and read all the info but it didn't give me an answer. Can you help.

Lac qui Parle County Minnesota

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It is unlikely that your apricot dropped it's fruit because you watered it. It is possible that if it were in standing water for a period of time it might or too dry for a period that it might. Are you sure that it wasn't frosted? Apricots bloom and set fruit earlier than many other fruits so they can be subject to frost damage. Where do you live in the county? You could be in an area that is a little cold for your apricots, zone wise. They are a little tender. How old is the tree? Do you have two different varieties of apricots?

In response to your answer to question #324407. I live in S.W. Mn. The ground had been dry for a couple weeks before I watered. The Ph of my soil is 8+, if it maters. We did have a couple inches of snow and minor frost after the Bloom. Would the trees set fruit if they were damaged by the cold? The trees are over 30 yr's old and I have Manchurian, Moon Gold and Sun Gold.I have several Apple trees that were blooming or just past bloom when we got the snow. They all have set fruit since the snow, can I expect that fruit to drop also. I'm new at this fruit tree thing. Thank you very much, Your answers are invaluable to me.

Apricots can be difficult to grow here. They tend to bloom too early if we have an early warm spring. I think that your trees were affected by the weather. It is not uncommon and is really more common than not. Since the trees are quite mature and you have different varieties to pollinate, I would just focus on keeping them healthy. Fertilize them in the spring, water when it's dry and keep any dead branches pruned out. Unfortunately, all you can do is look forward to trying again next year. I have heard people say that you lose more crops than you get. Your apples should be fine.