Hosta leaves look bad at nursery

Asked May 23, 2016, 2:21 PM EDT

I just went out to look at my hostas in my greenhouse and got very nervous with what I saw. I've attached pictures but I'm seeing different looking symptoms all involving brown in the leaves. I need some help diagnosing what this could be. Can I trim them back, are they done for good, anything you can suggest would be great. I'd be willing to discuss things further over the phone too if that's easier. I'd be so grateful to get a response as soon as possible so I can remove these plants or start trimming them. Thanks for all you do Shannon H

Sherburne County Minnesota

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Are you a commercial greenhouse?

Yes, I am. I've moved these hostas out of the greenhouse now. What information can you give me?

Hi Shannon:
Because this is your commercial crop, I recommend samples be sent to the U of M Plant Disease Clinic.

I have also reached out to a colleague re: working with you directly. Please send me your email and a phone number.

Shannon Hennen

Thank you

Thanks Shannon. I've sent your contact information to Grace Anderson. Grace worked with Hostas in our plant disease clinic. She will be in touch with you. If you need to contact me again, you can email me:

I'll close this Ask an Expert file now.