Tomato planting time

Asked May 23, 2016, 1:22 PM EDT

(Can't imagine what happened to last part of my prior message, so will reconstruct here.) Additional edit/review of your newsletter appears warranted. I finally got around to reading the 4/6/16 Newsletter, which addressed tomato catfacing. It stated that to avoid the problem, tomatoes should not be planted when temps are below 52F, and later that they should be planted 1-2 weeks after last expected frost. This appeared incongruent so through google I found to view Baltimore temp records. Since frost can occur above official temp 32 (depending on microclimate, dew point and wind), using avg low of 32-34 (which is only 1 week apart), indicates 3/9-16, so + 2 (not just 1) weeks = 3/23-30 plant date. However, using your other guide, avg low reaches 52 on 5/16 which is 6-7 weeks later. Using the record lows instead of avgs yields a 2 month spread. So although it is too late for this year, it seems appropriate for HGIC to revise its Newsletter recommendation for planting tomatoes. Incidentally, I always wait until forecasted lows are all above 49, which usually is 2nd week of May.

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