robin laying eggs with no nest.

Asked May 23, 2016, 8:38 AM EDT

On my porch eve a robin is laying eggs. There is no nest. They just roll off and fall to the ground. I was wondering why she would lay eggs without building a nest.

Plymouth County Massachusetts birds

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Just like some human parents aren't well prepared to be parents, bird parents are sometimes poorly prepared. Once the breeding process has started, a bird's eggs are going to be ready to be laid whether there is a nest or not. In this case I wonder if her original nest was destroyed and she just hasn't been able to get a second nest prepared in time. Some bird species bird nest amounts to a scrape in the ground or gravel and that's it. Robins have a more elaborate nest that can take several days to build. If it was destroyed she just may have to lay eggs where she can. And I won't rule out that she may be genetically deficit at nest building. If that is the case then she will not successfully reproduce and those genes will be weeded out of the population. Just a couple of possibilities.