Leaf Disease on Newly Planted Blueberry Plants

Asked May 23, 2016, 6:54 AM EDT

Dear Sirs:
Please see attached picture could you advise me what my plants have and what to use to treat them.And whatever you reccomend would that be safe to use since of course we want to eat these blueberries from these plants.These plants were planted where I live,which is in Nassau County,New York(Long Island).Thank You.
Sincerely:Raymond Becker

New York County New York

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It looks like Alternaria leaf spot
I have not seen the leaf spot form of the disease only the fruit rot which is common, especially fruit that is left on the bush too long. It is also called ripe rot. The leaf spot is more often seen in the South.
Are there a lot of these spots or only a few? I am not sure that it is severe enough to warrant treatment. Captan fungicide is easy for the home owner to buy and use and does a good job controling many diseases. It will not make the spots go away but if will prevent new spots on the new leaves.