Apple Maggot Spraying

Asked May 22, 2016, 3:21 PM EDT

I'm confused about when to spray for Apple Maggot. I habe Bonide Fruit Tree Spray and this is the time I would normally spray after pedal drop. I heard on Saturdays garden show that I don't need to spray until maggots appear. The Bonide directions say to only spray twice. so I was planning on 1st and 2nd cover spraying. If I sprat now will I have any benefit when flies come out? Can I use Seven in june when flies are expected. Last year many of my apples were spoiled by maggots. I will be putting up traps next month.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Please read carefully the information in this document on apple maggot:

Apple maggot is a difficult pest to deal with. Chemical control involves spraying insecticides on an almost weekly basis from July 1 to harvest. The toxins used are harmful to non-target insects such as honeybees, birds and fish. The Bonide label specifies only two applications per year for this reason. But only two applications will probably not give you good apple maggot control.

We recommend instead bagging the fruit - in the long run, it is easier than spraying, and certainly less harmful to non-target species. And you get good control - perfect, clean apples.

Any control program for apple maggot should begin when the adults first appear, usually toward the end of June. Set traps out to measure when they appear. The fruit should be about the size of a quarter.

All this information is in the link I provided at the start of this post.