Any help with Eggplants & Pepper plants

Asked May 22, 2016, 2:59 PM EDT

This is my 1st yr growing Eggplants & Peppers. I have found some help online regarding pruning baby pepper plants to make them big & stronger but not sure if I'm missing any other crucial steps. I have some lime, bonemeal & epsom salt in the house that I use at times for my tomatoes, should I add any of these to my peppers & eggplants?? And if any 1 could give me some help in general w/ eggplants. I am not sure if I just transplant, leave alone & let grow or if I should be doing other things like pruning & adding amendments. They are still babies, my biggest is abt 5-6" & I thought I might lose it as the leaves were looking kinda wilted & burnt but 1 or 2 look like they are still holding strong so I'm hoping it can still be saved.
*** Oh also if I see flower buds on the eggplants, peppers & tomato plants, when is it too early to have them & I should probably remove them so the plants can work on getting bigger??? and when are the big enough to leave them so they can turn to fruit?? Right now they are all still 6inches or less.

New York

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I do not have experience with egg plants.
You can remove the flowers from the peppers and the tomatoes. They need to get a sturdy main stem and good root development to support the fruit as they develop.

You will need to provide support for the tomatoes because they tend to produce fruit too heavy for the stems. When they produce a second set of flowers, it should be fine to let them develop.

As for adding anything to the soil, you need to test the soil first to see what is needed. You can add too much to the soil so you need to know what you are starting with.