Honey bees hive in my attic

Asked May 21, 2016, 2:52 PM EDT

We have a swarm of honey bees (confirmed to be honey bees by Orkin) that are making a home for themselves at the edge of our roof right above a gutter trough. We can't seem to locate anybody who will remove them. My understanding is that they need to be removed and then the hive needs to be cleaned out or the honey will run down inside our walls and rot and attract other pests. Do you have any guidance for us on who/how to take care of this?

Sarpy County Nebraska integrated pest management bee swarm removal

1 Response

Here are a couple of people in the Omaha area who are willing remove bee swarms.
Rudy Vasco (402) 895-3766 Omaha, NE
Tony Sandoval - Omaha Bee Club Bee Team 402-740-1454 Omaha, NE