hen has bits of evey ailment listed but none specific

Asked May 21, 2016, 3:50 AM EDT

I'm going to loose her any day. I've looked at everything. Every individual symtom & came up w/every disease you all list all over every site I find. (I have Picts but its not letting me upload) I started treating her for ea possible issue, 1 @ a time 3wks ago from simplest on up. she is still going to die if I can't find out what is affecting her 1leg, causing high fever, twitching, green watery foul smelling diaharrea (that started to clear up on Clindomiacin) but only 5days in, shows some signs of grn again, just today. I had started her on BVitamins, no change, tried the betonite clay in case it was lead poisoning... nothing. I tried the molasses, nothing. I tried the Epsom salts, nothing. I've tried Pedialite, Survey Poultry Performance for natural micro organisms and vitamins, nothing. I've tried Parasite dust and Cider Vinegar and daily sitz baths and she's starving to death and when I force her to eat it results in painful diarrhea burns her so bad she flips all over. She's been vaccinated and never free roamed til 2weeks before all started, 5weeks ago. I don't know how she's still alive. She's the 1wanting to fight & I can't give up on her. Today, I noticed the thigh of her paralized led, its black and green, bright green, not the super intense dark green that her diarrhea was. But nearly fluorescent. She's starting to make pain sounds. She has NO Respiratory or eye or nasal issues what so ever. There is NOTHING Anywhere with her mix of symptoms. I tried getting help from some Extension agent supposed to help with reporting and keeping an eye on mysterious poultry diseases, they replied by telling me the Vet office that checks is in Olympia Was area about 300 mi away. What good does that do me in my small town where today I called a local vet to see If I could bring by a stool sample and no one bothered to call back. Something is Very wrong & I can't find any help. I have found someone willing to teach me to tube feed her but I need to fix what is causing this or she will have to be tube fed and sitz baths for her whole life. Someone, Please... Help me help her. She's a 14 mo old purebred vaccinated barred rock from a healthy flock. I don't have any of the prev poo pictures only the last day because I noticed bits of green coming back. Her breast bone is protruding she doesn't have much time. leg sticking up is the leg that never moves anything lower than her upper R Thigh (your system keeps changing my words & saying I can't upload pucts unless jpg & they're jpg)

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Hello -- I asked our state poultry veterinary specialist, Dr. Rocio Crespo, to answer your question. Here is her answer:

"My major rule-out for a chicken that is 14 months of age, with unilateral leg paralysis, and losing weight is neoplasia. It could be Marek’s disease or it could be an adenocarcinoma.

I realize the owner reports that the bird has been vaccinated against Marek’s. Although vaccine usually protects against the disease it is not 100%, and there are vaccine failures. The most common reasons for vaccine failure are: bird being exposed to the pathogen before the vaccine protects (it takes 3-4 days to develop immunity after vaccination), the vaccine was not handle properly (the vaccine has to be delivered within 1 hour after being reconstituted and a full dose should be given), the virus is more pathogenic than the vaccine can protect, the bird is exposed to overwhelming (very high) number of viruses.

Regarding adenocarcinoma, it is the most common type of neoplasia diagnosed in chickens over 1 year of age. The tumors in the reproductive tract may press on the nerves, and then limbs become paralyzed.

Severe weight loss in a chicken (as described by the owner) gives a very poor prognosis to the bird.

Also normal body temperature in a chicken is 105-107F. I am more concerned when the body temperature is low (below 100F) rather than high."

I'm sorry for the lack of optimism regarding your bird. Perhaps you could call more veterinarians in your area to see if any are willing to examine your bird; few private veterinarians provide this service. However, if you would like to end your bird's stress and suffering (and I encourage you to consider this), you should be willing to find a vet in your area willing to euthanize your bird. I'm sorry both you and your bird have had to go through this ordeal.