Frost damaged Abelia

Asked May 20, 2016, 4:52 PM EDT

A couple weeks ago my two year old Abelia was beginning to leaf out in its outdoor pot when it received frost damage. It looks very poor. I'm wondering if it will recover. It's for zone 4 which we are just N of La Pine, Ore.

Deschutes County Oregon frost damage horticulture

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Hi, You will want to lightly scratch the cambium (layer under the bark) to see if it is green or remove the damaged leaf and their may be additional buds at the base that will push out more leaves. If you are able to send a clear closeup of the damage, I may be able to provide you with further information. For now I would just wait and see if it pushes out any new growth. Some plants have secondary buds that will do this if the first set gets damaged. If the cambium is green then the plant is still alive so you will want to water sparingly to keep the roots moist, then if new leaves come on, resume regular watering.

Thanks, Amy Jo