Mining Bees

Asked May 20, 2016, 1:11 PM EDT

Hi, I have a large amount of mining bees on my property in various different spots. They keep coming back every year and they are growing in numbers. I have read you should make sure you have grass as that deters them. I have tried planting grass but they are coming out in my flower beds and in ivy that is on my hill. I got a spray from Home Depot but it has to be sprayed with a little plastic tube down each hole. There are so many holes and I am not sure if I am reaching the bees. I am trying to sell my house next year and I don't know what to do about them. They are not a small number. I need some suggestions on what I can do about them . Thank you.

Howard County Maryland

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Mining bees are beneficial pollinators and control should be avoided if possible. They are solitary bees and seldom sting. Their activity is usually brief about several weeks. They like exposed soil and good drainage. In flower beds, you may want to lay landscape fabric down and cover with several inches of mulch to discourage them. In lawn areas, seed in the fall to thicken up your stand of turf.

Since you are selling your house, you can send a positive message to prospective buyers. Put out a sign 'Saving Pollinators'. You can take the opportunity to educate as mining bees are not aggressive and seldom sting, brief activity in the spring, and beneficial. Even the White House is promoting beneficial pollinators.
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