Suggestion To Bonnie

Asked May 20, 2016, 1:05 PM EDT

I planted my tomato plants in their peat pots this year and I'm worried about how well they will do based on the response I got Bonnie about this issue.

My suggestion to Bonnie is to take the term Biodegradable off your plants and replace it with the words "Remove Peat Pot Before Planting". Remember, gardeners have one growing season to get it right and I don't want to dig up my plants because I'm afraid of damaging the roots. Any suggestions?

Fred Yeager

Fairfield County Ohio

2 Responses

Dear Gardener,

Thank you for contacting Bonnie Plants. I will pass your recommendation along to the design group. I would carefully go and dig 1 side of the container, cut it and remove as much of the containers as possible. We recommend to remove the plastic wrapper and then the bottom of the biodegradable container but removing it entirely is best. We also recommend making sure the top of the container is not above ground or it can dry out reducing the amount of water available for small plants. to do this, remove a little of the top of the container prior to planting. Please remember this container is a shipping container and not a planting container.

Here is a video with planting directions from Bonnie Plants.

I agree with the above. My amateur opinion is that peat pots were created to appear easier, but alas just a marketing ploy. Surely it impedes growth of roots into the soil, so retards maturation, and the wicking of moisture if any peat extends above the soil is a death knell. So would you rather save 30 seconds by plopping that peat pot in the ground, resulting in delay of harvest by weeks or months, or ....
Good luck from a gardener in MD.