Potato frost damage - do i need to replant?

Asked May 20, 2016, 10:49 AM EDT

Good morning, I was out of the country for the last week and was saddened by the frost kill of all the tomatoes in the garden; however, i was shocked to see that the frost had hit all the potato plants, too. Even the new growth on the hackberry tree got hit. [Note that i had "covered" all the tomatoes and peppers and basil with a nylon cover of sorts about 3 feet above the plants because there seemed to be a chance of frost prior to my departure.] A couple of questions. 1) how cold does it have to be to damage potatoes and hackberry growth (I always plant potatoes early and have never encountered frost damage before) 2) I'm assuming that the potatoes will sprout new growth so that i don't have to replant them.- is that correct? Or - do i need to replant them, too. Just another note - most of the basil survived, a few of the peppers survived but none of the tomatoes made it. All the cool weather "crops" survived well - brassicas, peas, lettuces, spinach, etc. The apples and raspberries seem to be fine, too. i found it very curious. Thanks for your consideration. Jim Rickert Marine on St. Croix jim@arundelstreet.com

Washington County Minnesota

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Most potato foliage will show frost damage at temperatures below 32 deg F. Severity of foiliar damage will vary according to soil moisture, plant health, and duration of time below 32 deg. I'm not familiar with hackberry so won't comment on that. You shouldn't need to replant - the potatoes will send new growth.