What kind of bird is this?

Asked May 20, 2016, 9:45 AM EDT

I have found the answer where the eggs went, here is the culprit if i do this right there will be a pic of him. I now have 2 questions, first what kind of bird is this having the white underbelly and it is white. and the second question is how can we keep this ugly nasty bird away from the cute little barn swallows


3 Responses

this appears to be a kingfisher to me....if near a body of water, then that will make it certain. Looks like mother nature's harsh side, not sure what, if anything can be done.

Notice the pointed tail feathers. Woodpecker tail feathers have pointed, stiffened tips that are used to brace the bird against tree trunks, but I don't recognize this species. Where are you located in Texas?

I sent this to a professor of ornithology. She wrote back, "A cuckoo— loves eggs."