Dappled Willow Ornamental Tree leaves turning brown!

Asked May 19, 2016, 3:59 PM EDT

Newly planted two months ago with new growth sprouting out beautifully until 10 days ago. Now noticing new growth drying, turning brown and shriveling. What can we do to make our tree happy, again!
Thank you!!!

Sussex County Delaware

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Hi! Thank you for your question. We have had unusually rainy, cool weather. Take a look at the roots of the plant to see if they are white and healthy. Check to be see if new fine roots are starting to grow. Is the area draining well? Plants usually take about 1 year to establish themselves after planting. They will go through transplant shock. To see if the branches are still living, scrape a small area on the branch to see if the wood is still green. If the branch snaps in to, it is dead. We do not recommend fertilizing the tree the first year. Water properly and give it time. If you have any other questions, give our garden helpline a call here in Sussex – 302.856.7303.