Wanting to learn more about rainscaping

Asked May 19, 2016, 2:38 PM EDT

We live in Northwest DC. We want to redesign our front and back yards to eliminate grass completely by replacing the grass with a rainscaping garden. Before we jump in, we want to learn more about rainscaping, particularly the landscaping issues: how do we place the different kinds of plants so that we have a garden that is pleasing to the eye (as well as to the birds and animals)? So we have two questions: First, is the Chesapeake Ecology Center still open in Annapolis for us to look at some example gardens? and second, where else can we visit (in-person and online) to learn more, so that we can plan our own garden? Many thanks for your help.

District of Columbia County District of Columbia

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So far as we know, the Chesapeake Ecology Center is still open.
http://www.chesapeakeecologycenter.org/?page_id=18 Call before you go. If you google rain garden Maryland you will find a wealth of information, including the following:
https://allianceforthebay.org/2011/05/rain-gardens-a-greener-approach-to-landscaping/ etc.
Your public library will also have information about rain gardening. The Howard County Conservancy and the Robinson Nature Center and the Kings Contrivance Village Center have rain gardens in Howard County. http://www.middlepatuxent.org/rain-gardens/ It would not surprise us if there was not a rain garden at the National Zoo. http://www.cherylcorson.com/projects.php?project_id=20 vw