Asked May 19, 2016, 2:24 PM EDT

Hello. I read the article about Bagworms and Their Control. We had a huge infestation last fall in our Leyland Cypresses. I filled 4 or 5, 5 gal buckets most of the way full with the bags. I'd like to spray this spring/summer. Was wondering if your timing recommendations might change this year due to the unusual weather. Should I spray earlier or later than recommended? I could not find Dipel, Thuricide at local Home Depot or Lowes, so was planning on using a chemical control. We do have birds nesting in trees. I assume that is the reason for the no earlier than July 15 date? Any recommendations? Thank you

Cecil County Maryland insect issues bagworms trees

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Look at the big box stores, hardware stores, garden centers for products with Bt or
Bacillus thuringiensis that is labeled for use on bagworms. The trade name is of no importance. Watch your trees closely. If you see very tiny caterpillars on your trees, you can go ahead and spray, regardless of the date. The important thing is to spray when the caterpillars are as small as possible. vw