Cruely to livestock

Asked May 19, 2016, 10:10 AM EDT

Who do I contact to report animal cruelty regarding cows? Animals are confined to small barn yard; no room except to lay in manure piles; no usable grazing for animals if out of barnyard; deformed calf noted (both front legs bent at unnatural angle); animals filthy due to constant contact with manure.

Centre County Pennsylvania animal welfare

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Thanks for your question, and your concern for the animals you observed. Animal welfare/cruelty issues in PA are investigated and handled by humane (police) officers.

You can find the appropriate person for your county by looking at the following website: There may be numerous people listed for your county, but it is probably best if you look for the one closest to the location of the premises in question.

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Dr. Ernest Hovingh

Extension Veterinarian, Penn State University

Department of Veterinary & Biomedical Science