I encountered several brown worms hanging on a 8 to 10 inch...

Asked May 19, 2016, 10:04 AM EDT

I encountered several brown worms hanging on a 8 to 10 inch "spider" Web material. They were hanging from a house under construction along the eaves. They were approximately 1/2"long, appeared to be segmented or fine white bands. I was stung in the neck by one of these "worms". Approximately 30 days later I developed a lump with a small open wound on the front lower leg that did itch. I was a FIrefighter who suffered significant multiple injuries which required narcotic pain control. I went to a physician who said "I WAS JUST SCRATCHING FROM THE MEDICATION". After a rather heated discussion I left. When I would awake in the am I was finding spider Web material throughout the hair on my R leg and arm.I began to notice a significant hair loss and circular sores began to appear on my legs.2 wound centers did not biopsy any of the spreading sores. I also developed lymph edema in my legs and lower R abdomen with these sores.my hemoglobin was dropping to 8.over the years I have lost all my hair from the neck down.The lymphoma was removed at OSU.(65 TO 70 LBS)I was able to obtain samples and photos. These sores have spread over my entire body. I can see white worms under my skin. Anytime I have a blood draw or a cut or scratch they seem to migrate to that area. Any ideas?

Pickaway County Ohio

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I am sorry but we cannot offer any medical recommendations, that is not within our expertise... if you can capture one of the worms and bring into your county Extension Office it is possible that the worm could be identified for you... Thanks for contacting AaE with your question.