How to treat the soil which is high in copper?

Asked May 19, 2016, 4:25 AM EDT

While researching on how to deal with content of Cu and Pb on line, I came across an article talking about Pb by Carl J. Rosen. He mentions that bioremediation is effective for Cu with plants but not effective for Pb. Could you tell me which plants are good candidates for Cu? Thank you very much. Michelle Huang

Outside United States

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There any many scientific studies of Cu uptake by plants like geraniums and tomatoes. The results can differ based on soil type and other factors. You should probably read this EPA guide:

These plant tissues that take of heavy metals can be dangerous because animals in the environment may eat them and cause them to move up the food chain. We cannot give you any advice on what to plant since it is not our expertise. If you truly have an issue with Cu in your soils, it would be better to call in some professionals, such as a state or regional department of the Environment.