Tree trouble

Asked May 19, 2016, 12:02 AM EDT

I have a around 20 spruce trees on the lot that we just moved into last fall. Know that life in order it's time to pay attention to the grounds of the property and I've noticed that some of the trees seem to have some issues. Two of the trees I seem to have their needles falling off from the bace up and out on the lower limbs. Another two trees have a few branches that seem to have this blue gray coating and they are developing no needles. I have noticed the same covering on another branch but this is not a pine or spruce tree.

Carver County Minnesota

1 Response

There are multiple diseases or insects that can cause the decline of a spruce tree. I am unable to tell from you pictures what may be occurring. I have placed two links below for resources from the University of Minnesota. If they are not helpful I would suggest you have a certified arborist come and evaluate the trees.