reusing or composting potted soil

Asked May 18, 2016, 3:15 PM EDT

Folks - I just read on your site that peppers might grow well in pots. I have some pots that were used for tomatoes last year. I have read that one should not reuse potted soil, as it may contain organisms that can harm this year's crop. 1) Can I use it for different plants? I have in mind using it for hot or bell peppers. 2) If I do use the pots with the soil, is it important to keep them far away from this year's tomatoes? 3) Is the soil also acceptable for use in a compost pile? Thanks as always,

Howard County Maryland

2 Responses

You can absolutely use it in your compost pile.
As long as your plants from last season didn't have major problems with diseases, you can use it this year for other plants, including peppers, but we suggest refreshing new pots with 50% of volume of new potting mix for best results.


To cm: Thanks very much for the informative reply. I appreciate it. "Ask and Expert" rocks! -Jim