Grafting thickness

Asked May 18, 2016, 2:45 PM EDT

On the scion, up to what thickness in inches, is grafting possible on trees? If a 3-5 year old tree is broken by periodic, fierce winds, can it be cleft- grafted back together ? My concern is my young Hachiya persimmon trees, ( just planted this year), that look skinny but very leafy and the fruit gets heavy and abundant.

Sierra County New Mexico

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I do not know a lot about grafting, but I think that this would not be a good alternative. Some people use props to hold up heavily fruit-laden branches. One thought would be to remove most of the fruit before it gets large for a couple of years. That would give the tree some time to strengthen. Also where fruit loading is a problem, you can remove a proportion of the fruit every year before it gets heavy. By the way, that tree is almost certainly grafted near its base.