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Asked May 18, 2016, 3:46 AM EDT

The top of my 9 foot evergreen is dead, do I cut it off and a new leader will form? What caused all the needles to fall off its a younger tree?

Stearns County Minnesota

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Can you tell me what type of evergreen plant we are talking about? Normally, when you have to cut out the main leader many shoots will grow in its place. A new leader out of the bunch will have to be chosen and carefully pruned for several years to get it back into shape.. Have you checked for mites in the tree? A

The evergreen is a Blue Spruce which the top has died off and looking closer some of the other branches have lost some of there needles while other branches have the new candles of growth. We shook a branch over a white towel but didn't find any mites. What do You advise, is the tree dying? Will whatever caused this affect the other 3 trees?

Thanks, M

I think you need a visit from someone from the Extension office or you county Forestry Department. The Extension Office can let you know who would be the better choice. Your Extension address is: 3400 1st St N #103, St Cloud, MN 56303
Phone:(320) 255-6169. If it were me I would get them or an Arborist in your local area to check it out since you can not identify an insect and it seems to be affecting your other trees.
Good luck, A