Port Orford Cedar disease prevention

Asked May 17, 2016, 11:45 PM EDT

I have three port orford cedars in my backyard, and I happen to notice that one of them is in very poor condition. It is being removed tomorrow but is there anything I can do to prevent whatever disease it has from spreading to the other trees?

Multnomah County Oregon

1 Response

It is most likely that the other Port Orford cedar next to the dying tree is already infected. I am sorry to say there is really nothing you can do to save them if that is the case.

In some cases with a longer row or hedge row of trees, you can remove the dying tree and the tree right next to it and that may stop or at least slow the progression of the disease down the row.

For more information on Port Orford cedar root disease, see the article in the PNW Plant Disease Handbook at http://pnwhandbooks.org/plantdisease/cedar-port-orford-chamaecyparis-lawsoniana-root-rot

The PNW Hanbook does refer to soil drench fungicides that may prevent further infection if you can thoroughly treat the entire soil area occupied by your trees. To my knowledge, this is not commonly attempted on larger trees due to the large soil volume and difficulty of complete treatment.