Asparagus no longer producing

Asked May 17, 2016, 12:59 PM EDT

Hello. We have a 8x4 raised bed planted with asparagus (Jersey Knight). Planted in 2012 so this is the fourth season. We previously conducted limited harvests according to the limits prescribed for each year- up until this year, the asparagus looked healthy and robust, and lots of stalks (have been leaving the fronds until frost). We applied a layer of compost this February, but so far we are seeing very few stalks emerge & the stalks we have are very thin. Could this be weather-related or some other problem? Is it possible to "revive" our asparagus bed or will we need to start over? Thank you.

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

Yes, the reason for your asparagus plants poor productivity is more than likely weather. There are a couple of issues to consider. The structure of your asparagus bed could contribute to water-logged soil, but certainly, the cool, damp weather has also resulted in poor productivity.
Patience may be your best bet. If we ever get some warm, seasonal weather, you may still enjoy some productivity. This setback should not impact the future health of the plants.