What kind of tree?

Asked May 17, 2016, 12:14 PM EDT

We moved to a new house last summer and there are several trees on our property that I would like to have identified. This is the first one. I will send each one separately. This particular one I am sending first is ubiquitous in the landscape and I believe is considered a weed tree. We have many of them all over the place. Can you ID for me?


Howard County Maryland

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I looked at some images of Chinese Sumac on Google and am not convinced that's what these trees are. I am sending along more photos for your review. Last summer/fall, when we began clean-up of this rather wild area of our yard, we cut some of the branches back with the intention of finishing the job this season. This has given the remaining trees a rather odd look. The leafy growth is sprouting from the ends of the cut branches . I have noticed other trees like this that grow along roadways to grow in a similar habit even tho no one has cut them off at the top. Do you still think they are Chinese Sumac or something else? Thanks for your help. Bonnie

To do an accurate identification, one needs in focus photos of twigs, flowers, buds, bark, leaves, fruit. Take a look at this link and compare its photos to your plant. http://canadiantreetours.org/species-pages/Tree-of-heaven,_Chinese_sumac.html Based on the information that we have Chinese sumac seems like a good bet. Crush the leaves and if they smell like rotten peanut butter, the diagnosis is correct. vw

Thanks! I have noticed that one of these trees across from our property that is more mature than ours has what looks to be the remnants of the flowers from last season still hanging on it. I never knew that Chinese sumac was Tree of Heaven. Since this is probably what they are ... out they will come!! Thanks for your help.