What type of grass is this??

Asked May 17, 2016, 11:26 AM EDT

We live in Waterstone Estates, near Melissa TX. Our back yard is shaded by tall trees. I have had several people ask what type of grass is in our back yard. When we had the house built in 2008 the lot was over grown with weeds, etc. The builder planted perennial rye. Over the years this course bladed grass has grown and spread. It tolerates the shade, does well in the sun, and stays green all winter. In mild winters I will mow it once or twice. I have attached 3 pictures of the grass, can you tell me what it is?


Larry Fletcher

Collin County Texas

1 Response

It could be tall fescue or bluegrass. Both Cool Season grasses. It looks like a bluegrass, but generally I see more fescue planted. Based on what I read these two grasses are often planted as a mix, so it could be a little of both.

Check these website and click the links for the grasses to help identify the grass: