Japanese Maple tree insects

Asked May 16, 2016, 8:32 PM EDT

I have a mature, 25-30 foot Japanese maple tree in my front yard. This year only about 1/3 of tree produced leaves. The rest of the branches are bare, but are flexible and appear to still be alive. Thought the lack of leaves was from cold nights freezing the leaf buds. Today I found insects on the underside of many of the leaves. It appears there are 2 different kinds of insects. One looks like gray, small bodied spiders and the others are bigger, and red colored oval bodied, some with wings. I've attached three photos. Can you please identify the two insects and advise how to rid the tree of these pests. If necessary, also advise me if I need to go to a professional if this problem is not able to be solved by a homeowner. Thank you, Linda Lewis 1747 Dudley Street Erie, PA 16509 814-866-8212

Erie County Pennsylvania

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I forwarded your question to the Extension entomologist in Erie County for an answer. She will be able to help you with the question.