Asked May 16, 2016, 1:48 PM EDT

Is Sulfer safe to spread on yard to control honeybees? We have a big problem with chiggers and I read it is a good thing to use. Please advise as to its effectiveness . Also, we have a blight in our Junipers, The brown dead looking areas seem to be spreading on bushs that are about 25 years old. Is there a cure for this blight? Thank you,

St. Mary's County Maryland

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Honeybees are pollinators and do not need to be controlled. Sulfur is used to lower soil pH and not recommended to control bees. Look at our website for photos of possible stinging insects. Perhaps you are referring to mining bees, important pollinators. No control is necessary.

Chiggers - Keep lawns cut low and vegetation pruned to allow air circulation. These steps will decrease the amount of moisture in the area, drying out the vegetation and making it inhospitable to chiggers. Pesticides are not effective or recommended to control chiggers outdoors. The infestations occur in dense, little patches depending on where eggs were laid. Even if treated, chigger populations will rebound quickly. See more on our publicaition There could be several reasons for the browning on junipers such as drought, poor drainage, root problems, competition for moisture and nutrients with other plants in the area, etc.
We really do not have enough information to diagnose the problem. Send photos of the whole shrub, around the base, and affected areas so we can see what you may be dealing with.