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Asked May 16, 2016, 9:57 AM EDT

Kelly, I have pastureland in Riner that I have been trying to control Coral berry/ Buckbrush/ Caprifiaceae, for the last several years. I have used CrossBow 2,4 D + triclopyr applications in May and in August, Grazon PD 2,4D Picloram May and August Application. Mechanical treatments May and November, treatments all with limited control. I last used chemical treatment in 2011. I have on a limited area tried Roundup. in 20012-2015 only clipping twice a year. Currently I have a canopy of Coral berry on 10% to 40 % in some areas. Have there been and field trials on the control of Coral berry? Is there a product or other management that has been successful in controlling Coral berry. I have held off fertilizing these pastures of not wanting to feed the weed. My pH is good but my P levels are Very Low. I want to fertilize but... Could you offer some advise?

Montgomery County Virginia

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This weed is very tough to control. The best herbicide application timing is in the spring, just after leaves have fully emerged. The application timing is very critical. Apply 2.4 PT/A of GrazonNext with 2 QT/A of 2,4-D. Also consider adding Cimarron or generic metsulfuron products. Again, this weed is very difficult, so do not expect complete control.

I always encourage proper soil fertility so that the desirable grasses are as competitive as possible with weeds. So I would recommend to follow the soil test and apply some P. Also, proper grazing and haying management such that the desirable grasses are as competitive as possible will also help.