Asked May 16, 2016, 8:34 AM EDT

With interest I read your response to the question published in the Sun on Sunday, May 8th about the effects on plants planted and growing near a walnut tree. I am planting asparagus plants near a walnut tree. Will they be effected by the juglone toxin the tree puts out? Plants are 20' from the base of the tree. Too, what is the best fertilizer to use as I plant the Asparagus? Thanks,

Howard County Maryland

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Asparagus are super sensitive to juglone. We do not recommend planting them near the black walnut tree even 20 feet. Find another location. Species survival near or under black walnut trees is further complicated by the fact that the amount of juglone present in the soil depends on soil type, drainage, and soil micro-organisms.
For more information see our vegetable profile

Thanks for the response. I have dug for these asparagus plants - so now I have to rethink where I will dig again to replant. Is there a list of plants I can plant in the already prepared area? Raspberries?

Thanks, Frank Berry

You may find the attachedd link to be helpfulwhen planting vegetables near a walnut tree.