What is this fungus-like organism?

Asked May 15, 2016, 8:04 PM EDT

I found this critter on the inside wall of an outside shed. What is it? The orange bumps are blisters filled with liquid. When I sprayed the structure with a little bleach and water, the blisters broke, leaving behind a white structure with pock like depressions.

Thanks for your help.

I went back a couple of hours later. The pocks are now a rust color, and it looks like the blisters may be reforming.

Lincoln County Oregon slime mold fungi

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Unfortunately, I can't quite make out what the fungus is. It looks like it could be secreting red droplets which reminds me of Hydnellum peckii, but H. peckii doesn't grow on wood (it's mycorrhizal). If you can get a better picture (perhaps with a macro lens on a tripod?), I might be able to identify it.

Hello again,
I didn't send another photo earlier because I had bleached the area. (The shed protects our trash cans from the local bears.) But the fungus has returned, so hopefully these photos are better!
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Another photo, hopefully a bit better quality.


Thanks for sending photos. From the photo, it looks like a type of slime mold. Slime mold can look a little spongy, or filamentous. It also secretes liquid, which is some cases looks unnervingly like blood.

You can google images of slime molds to see if that fits with what you discovered. I've also included a link with more information about slime molds below, via PBS. They are fairly common in the Pacific Northwest.

There is another link to the Colorado Extension Service, which talks about treatment of slime molds. There really isn't a single treatment, but this should give you some ideas. Luckily, slime molds are largely harmless.

http://www.colostate.edu/Dept/CoopExt/4dmg/Pests/slime.htm (for tips on preventing reoccurrence)

Hope this helps!