Invasive plants/weeds

Asked May 15, 2016, 5:56 PM EDT

I found both these plants growing (and spreading) in my backyard. The smaller leafed weed is most invasive. Would like to know what these are and how to eradicate them without chemicals. Thanks!

Baltimore County Maryland weed identification creeping charlie

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Your first weed is creeping charlie a.k.a. ground ivy. Here is our weed gallery page about it: It's not really scientificly described as 'invasive', but it does get around when conditions are right and will grow in areas where grass has trouble- like in shade under evergreens.

Your second weed may be the first year leaves of garlic mustard. Crush it and smell it. This one IS classified as invasive. It's a tricky one a biennial which takes two years to mature and set seed. The first year it is a welll behaved low-growing rosette, but the second year it shoots up and make white flowers, which we are seeing bloom in broad patches in many areas of Maryland right now. Here is a page about it: