Maple Tree leaf fall

Asked May 15, 2016, 1:33 PM EDT

I have several Maple trees that are losing clumps of leaves. Not in large quantities, but some and enough to get my attention. It did the same thing last year and I thought that it was just a one year thing, but it has returned this year also. Most of what I am reading online suggests that this is probably caused by petiole borers and unless it is significant it does not harm the tree. Was looking for another and more local opinion. Thanks.

Montgomery County Maryland

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We are glad you asked.
This is common in our area at this time of year and it is from squirrels. It is not harmful to the trees.


Thank you for the reply. I have noticed further that this is not just maple trees. This leaf droppage is something that I don't remember happening back a few years ago. The volume of leaf clusters is far more than just a few. Compared to the size of the tree it is not huge, but there are lots. It would seem to vast for squirrel damage, but I guess that could be.

We have had many reports of this. Monitor the tree and send us photos if the leaf drop continues.