Ducks in yard, trail cam?

Asked May 14, 2016, 7:54 PM EDT

We have a mama duck sitting on 9 eggs in our front yard. Can I set up a trail cam 2' away to watch her and the babies? Or would that bother her?

Thank you!

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Are you going to be able to mount it on a structure that is already there? If so, I think she will ignore it after a habituation period. Do you need to put a stake in, putting a new object nearby where none was before? This could affect her ability to see potential predators, and affect her behavior.

I'd try a comfortable distance, monitor her behavior (she really doesn't want to abandon her eggs), and perhaps inch it closer over time.

Sorry, I just saw this! Thanks so much for the response! I had thought about a couple of those things. I definitely don't want to disrupt her. I think she only has the rest of this week til the eggs hatch so it may be too late now anyway. Our yard is SO SMALL that I'm not sure I could put it too far away from her without someone noticing this nice camera to steal in my yard. Wish I had rigged something up right away! I had thought about putting it in a plastic pot and cut a hole out for the camera. I might have to give up this one and maybe get something for the back yard where we have an occupied bird house and I'd like to get a feeder and watch the little buggers. I really LOVE this duck, though. :o)

So cute! There are trail cameras that work in all kinds of weather, as well as tamper-proof containers to keep them from being taken. I've used them in public places to get urban deer photos.

Let me know how the ducklings turn out!

I have looked at trail cams til I'm blue! Do you use ones that take pictures or are they wi fi enabled? I was just so confused by all of them. Oh, and I found some that are infra red so they won't flash in her face and scare her. But then it said there will be a red dot that lights up and I just wasn't sure how secure that would be with thieves. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and order a random thing from Amazon. She's due quick! Or quack?? Haha!

LIke many things, you get what you pay for. I doubt you are going to spend $400 on a quality camera! Give it a try... it will be a fun project. I haven't used cameras that are wi-fi enabled because my cameras are never in wi-fi range.