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Asked May 14, 2016, 3:10 PM EDT

Several years ago our fertilizer service accidentally used Round up instead of fertilizer. It killed our entire yard and we replaced it with new soil and sod. That was about six or seven years ago. Since then the yard has performed well until the last couple of years when we noticed what looked like dead spots where the grass was not growing. It is manifest in the front yard which is south facing. It does not manifest in the back yard.

Attached are pictures showing what it looks like today. We thought it might be lack of water but we have diligently watered the last couple of years. Three years ago this area looked plush and green. We are not sure what is causing this or what we should do to revive our yard.

The area is in proximity to a large Pine tree. We thought it might have something to do with that - either extensive roots are choking out the grass or the fact the branches prevent snow accumulation during the winter leaving the area too arid.

I notice some neighbors two doors down have the same problem, but neither neighbor next door to us to the West or East have this problem. However, my neighbor to the East has in the past had the problem where the circles appear. However, their yard service seems to have cured it.

We live in Cottonwood Heights about 2100 East and 7200 South. We have an automatic irrigation system. We have taken good care of our yard over the years and find this fungus, disease or whatever it is quite troubling. Any suggestions?

Kelvyn Cullimore
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Salt Lake County Utah

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It might be snow mold. Was snow drifted over the area and stayed snow covered longer? Did the grass get fertilized with nitrogen in the fall? Was the grass a little tall as it went into the winter?

I suggest you email the pictures directly to:

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First, thanks for the referral above Frank! :)

From your pictures, it looks to me like you may have necrotic ring spot or summer patch. I would recommend sending a sample in to USU's Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab for positive diagnosis and recommendations.

This fact sheet on the disease may also be of assistance.

Best regards.