Peach Tree

Asked May 13, 2016, 7:38 PM EDT

Hi! We have a wonderful, bountiful peach tree in our yard in Bend that gives us lovely fruit every year.'s a rental. Some day we will have to move away from this tree. What is the best way to take it with us when we move in a few years? I feel like my options are: take a branch to a local nursery and try to get the same tree; buy root stock from a local nursery and attempt to graft a twig onto it (I've never done this, instructions would be appreciated if this is the thing to do); or use a product like rootone and try to get a twig to root. Is one of these options the best answer? Or something else? Thanks!

Deschutes County Oregon

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Hi, Your best option is to buy a new plant rather than try to propagate from this one. This also prevents the transfer of any unknown disease. Softwood and hardwood cuttings can be done, but the process is quite technical.( I can send you instructions if you want to try this) Grafting can also be done, but if you have not done this before it requires some repeated training to make sure the graft takes. Unfortunately, a nursery employee is not going to be able to identify a cultivar from a leaf sample. This type of identification requires the flower, fruit and in some cases genetic testing.

Thanks, Amy Jo