Baby Blue Colorado Spruce - newly transplanted

Asked May 13, 2016, 3:46 PM EDT

I purchased a healthy looking Baby Blue Colorado spruce and planted it in my back yard, following the appropriate instructions including giving it an initial dose of root stimulator. It's been in the ground just three days and some of the tips of the branches are turning yellow. Any suggestions? Location : Calgary, Alberta , Canada

Outside United States

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This is a rather large tree to transplant... the larger the plant the more difficult any planting is on the ability of the plant to recover. Rule of thumb is that smaller plants generally do better and grow faster in the long run than larger plants. because larger plants get so held back in the shock of transplanting. The tip browning is a sign that the roots are having difficulty.

What do you mean by "root stimulant"?... some kind of fertilizer? if you can tell me the name of the fertilizer and it formula (the three-numbers in the name, like 15-30-15) and what kind it is... water soluable? granular? etc. That may help with figuring out the problem.

Along with the "stimulant" did you water the plant? how much and how often? I believe it's been very warm and dry this spring out there, so special attention may be needed.

What kind of hole was dug?.... relative to the size of the pot was the hole deeper or the same depth, was the hole broader than the pot or just about same width? what kind of soil in the yard...

Sorry for the questions, but it necessary to get a sense of conditions... just browning tips can mean many things.